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secondhand & antiquarian books

secondhand & antiquarian books

secondhand & antiquarian books

Secondhand Books

penguin3The bookshop sells

all forms of Literature (fiction, hardback and paperback, biography, criticism, drama, and poetry)

Complementary Therapies (Jo’s partner, Catherine, is a therapist: see

all the Arts, including art, arts and crafts, architecture, design, music and photography


pict0491-1Folio Society (fiction and non-fiction)

History (local, classical, national and international)

Natural History

Sports and Games

Travel, including walking and climbing

And we sell new books of local interest: walking, maps, local history and biographies

The bookshop buys

(but please see Latest News)

We are willing to look at good quality books in any of the above categories. Condition is important. Generally the newer the book the better the condition must be. The edition is also important. Generally we are looking for first or early editions of older books

We always like to look at local history, fiction in translation, Folio Society books, poetry and children’s, especially the classics

We are not interested in modern popular fiction (eg thrillers), hardback bookclub fiction, shop books (eg Marks and Spencer Book of…), the Royal Family, Reader’s Digest condensed and similar books

Generally the more specific the book, the more likely we are to be interested in it

If you want to sell books please ring first (01200 444242) to save a wasted journey. If you do bring them to the bookshop, please do not come on a Saturday. For parking (on Moor Lane or Lowergate) mornings tend to be easier. We do occasionally make home visits but only for specialist collections and will need details of the books offered